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You can find contact details of the Miltonian Guild's officers on the Miltonian Guild page of this web site. You can also e-mail the Guild: We're always delighted to hear from anyone interested in Milton Mount College or Worth Park.
The Pat Bohn Fund
When she died in 1998, Old Miltonian Patricia (Pat) Bohn left a sizeable legacy to the Miltonian Guild.

Grants ('gifts') of up to 1000 from this fund may be made to any Old Miltonian or former staff member, or their carer, in financial difficulties. Gifts are intended to meet a specific expense which the claimant might not otherwise be able to afford, not to meet everyday expenses or pay for medical treatment available under the NHS.

Items which might be funded include a new washing machine or TV, a wheelchair or special bed, essential transport costs, or a short holiday or respite care.
Send an e-mail for an application form to