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Milton Mount College

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The Miltonian Archive
A school magazine was published annually from 1875 until 1960 except for
the war years. The Miltonian Guild published its first magazine, the
Miltonian News Sheet, in March 1892. The Miltonian News is still
published annually and is an invaluable means of maintaining contact
between Old Miltonians.

Three books on the history of the school were published during its
lifetime; all are out of print but copies may be consulted in the Archives.
Annals of Milton Mount College' by Selina Hadland, 1889
The History of Milton Mount College' by Hilda Harwood, 1959
The History of Milton Mount College 1946- 1962', by Marion L Farrell, 1963
Exciting News!
The Miltonian Guild has recently published a book, "Schoolgirl Days at Milton Mount College 1920-1960". This is an account of life at a girls' boarding school seen through the eyes of the pupils, and contains over 80 black & white photographs plus four pages in colour. The book costs 10 plus post and packing.
Click here for an order form.
The Official Archive
An extensive and meticulously catalogued amount of material relating to
Milton Mount College is held at West Sussex Record Office, Chichester,
and may be freely consulted. It is advisable to make an appointment,
especially if car parking is required.